Solution of measuring noise by smart phone
Date : 2019-05-17

Now there're more and more people install Apps on their smart phones to measure noise. For the purpose of communication quality, most of smart phones are attenuated at the low frequency, therefore using mobile phone built-in microphone or external microphone to do noise measurement, the low-frequency response is poor and can't be compliant with IEC61672 standard. In order to solve this problem, we developed two type of digital microphones which convert analog signal to digital signal directly, then do communication with mobile phone through USB port or by WIFI. It completely solved the problem of mobile phone analog part. Based on professional noise measurement APPs, the combination of a digital microphone and a mobile phone meets for the standard of IEC 61672 Class 1.


Model iSV1611 digital microphone with USB port is consist of measuring microphone, preamplifier, 16-bit A/D, CPU and USB port. It is working with the APP installed on the mobile phone or tablet PC. The measuring microphone converts the sound signal to electrical signal, and the analog signal is converted to digital signal by preamplifier and A/D conversion, and then the digital signal is sent to the mobile phone or tablet PC by USB port which makes the Model iSV1611 be a digital sound level meter and real-time signal analyzer.



With the development of the internet, smart phones and other technology, more and more devices are connected wireless with WIFI technology. Model AWA5661W wireless digital microphone sends the original waveform data through the WIFI and the receiving equipment can be smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, desktops. We can use the powerful processing capacity and flexible collocation of these devices to do computation and analysis. In order to achieve the professional noise measurement, we developed a mobile software working with the AWA5661W which is installed in ANDROID or IOS operation system, realizing integral analysis, statistical analysis, and spectral analysis of 1/1OCT, 1/3OCT and FFT, etc.

Model iSV1611 and AWA5661W digital microphone both convert the analog signal to digital signal by pre-processor and send the digital signal to the mobile phone or tablet PC. The mobile phone and tablet PC only analyze the digital signal, so there is no difference between the signals received by different mobile phone. 


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