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AH40-AB dox matrix printer


H40-AB dox matrix printer has built-in 2Ah rechargeable lithium battery and Bluetooth which can wireless print data of sound level meter.


①serial port communication: compatible with standard RS-232C, data transfer rate shifts among 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200. Handshaking realized by marker control or X-ON/X-OFF agreement. Three check forms are available by the built-in DIP switch, including odd parity check, even parity check or no parity check. The logic level of all signals is electric level EIA.

②power indicator lamp-P, online/offline indicator lamp-SEL, SEL key and LF paper-feed key.

③5V dc power: current 2A, Built-in 2 Ah rechargeable lithium battery

④ribbon life: 1 x 100000 line.

⑤print paper: normal white paper, with 57.5 ±0.5 mm wide and 0.7 mm thick. The diameter of the paper roll is no more than 30 mm.

⑥character numbers per line: 40.  dot numbers per line: 240.  velocity: 0.4 line/sec.

⑦dimensions (mm): 160 x 110 x 45

⑧operating environment: 0°C ~ + 40°C            

Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Pressure: 65 kPa ~ 108 kPa

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